Each Thursday morning, 25 intrepid young reporters and producers from the Columbia School of Journalism get together to ask a simple question: What are New Yorkers talking about this week? Over the next 36 hours, a 30-minute newscast is researched, reported, edited and, produced, before it is broadcast Friday evening. The result is Columbia News Tonight.

We aim to bring you a kaleidoscope of local, national and international news and features. How much is my Metro fare going to increase? Is the local playground safe for my kids? What’s the latest on national politics? What’s happening in the Middle East?

In addition to the news of the day, Columbia News Tonight week features four weekly segments that take a closer look at personalities and issues in New York City.

  • Retailers’ claims are tried and tested in our Consumer Watch.
  • We cast a critical eye on a big issue of the day in our weekly Focus section.
  • Come with us as we explore our local neighborhood, Morningside Heights.
  • Meet the worthy personality named our New Yorker of the Week.
  • And learn about the latest transportation trends and stories in our Getting Around series.

For the students who make up the Columbia News Tonight team, this is an early step on the road to a career in journalism. Join us as we develop our news reports.